About us

About us
It all started one winter, not so long time ago, when the Italian Chef Demetrio Manzoni came to Serbia after working in famous Italian restaurants and other restaurants in countries across Europe. He revealed several secret recipes of making original, authentic Manzoni burgers, which are widely sold around the world and adored by fans of delicious burgers.

With great desire and enthusiasm, quality ingredients and culinary magic, our team led by Chef Manzoni began to produce burgers from always fresh 100% beef neck and other highest quality ingredients that we selectively procure in Serbia or deliver from other countries (e.g., wild berries for sauces come from Finland, mozzarella from Italy directly to our restaurant). We have settled  our "Burgers by Manzoni" home at Zorza Klemansoa 4 in Dorcol.

We have dedicated our family business to creating perfect burgers, each of which represents an explosion of taste and pure enjoyment of delicious and healthy food, without a single compromise of quality. 

It is very important for us to have fresh meat every day, which we procure from our proven suppliers, which are truly the best in Serbia, so that every burger that comes out of our kitchen is of the same quality and full taste.

We paid attention to all the ingredients and sauces, which we carefully chose for you, to help ensure the taste of each burger is identical to the taste of the first original Manzoni burger produced by our Chef, as well as to bring the spirit of the Italian quality and atmosphere to Serbia.

To make each burger, we use only 100% fresh beef from beef neck (apart from burgers made from premium horse meat), which is the highest quality and finest meat in Serbia. The end product speaks for itself when you feel the difference in your stomach after you try our burgers, which are rather a quality meal “service” than traditional fast food. 

We want to offer our guests a perfect harmony of taste and balanced diet.


Our specially prepared burgers and ingredients are full of all the necessary minerals, proteins and vitamins, so you can be sure that your stomach will be full and your senses awakened. Choose your favorite burger to order through www.Manzoni.rs or through websites Donesi.com, Wolt.rs, Glovo.com, Klopa.rs and Meni.rs, or pick up directly at the counter (Zorza Klemansoa 4)  from 12.00 to 21.00.


Anastasija Z.


NAJBOLJI burgeri u gradu, nikad ne stignem da ih ufotkam jer ne mogu da docekam da ih pojedem <3



060 60 888 41 / 060 60 888 42

Zorza Klemansoa 4,

Belgrade, Serbia, 11108

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